The recent approval of organic aquaculture legislation on the production of trout has enabled fish farmsin Asturias to adopt this type of production, given that the water quality of rivers in Asturias is perfectly viable for the production of organic trout. Certification distinguishes this product from products that have been produced by other more intensive systems that are harmful to the environment.


The requirement of this production system is that fish farms must be integrated in the environment. The water used for breeding the fish is mountain water, close to river sources or from springs. The fish grow in tankswith sufficient room for the fish to swim in and the breeding period is longer than used in intensive farming, which is similar to conditions for fishthat are bornin the wild. Their diet is natural, mainly based on fish flour made from extractive fishing and vegetables from organic agriculture. To download the legislation on organic trout production click here . If you are interested in registering with the COPAE Producers Register, click on the button: How to apply


Sábado 1 de diciembre, de 11 a 15h y de 17 a 20h.


Mesa redonda sobre agroganadería en Tapia de Casariego.


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