Certification provides consumers with the maximum guarantee that products have been produced, processed, packed and commercialised according to organic agriculture regulations.

Control and certification bodies carry out exhaustive controls on members, including product analyses to detect possible pesticide residues, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, additives and other such substances that are unauthorised in an organic production system.

To guarantee the independence and impartiality of the certification process, COPAE has a Certification Commission comprised of experts who are specialised in organic agricultural production and are part of the administration of the Principality of Asturias.

COPAE is currently implementing Regulation EN 45011 on product certification bodies, to offera quality public certification.

COPAE is a member of Intereco, in a joint venture to support public certification and to develop organic agriculture. Intereco is a not-for-profit association oforganic agriculture Public Control Authorities.


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Sábado 1 de diciembre, de 11 a 15h y de 17 a 20h.


Mesa redonda sobre agroganadería en Tapia de Casariego.


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