Organic Production in Asturias huerta

Asturias has exceptional natural conditions for the production of organic food.

The climate and soil of the region makes organic agriculture viable for the production of orchards, vegetables and other crops thanks to the abundance of water and the rich organic matter found in the soil.

The fields and grazing lands of Asturias provide an important basis for the development of indigenous organic livestock, where products of excellent quality can be obtained,such as meat, milk, honey, cheese, eggs, etc.

Genetic resources also lead to invaluable wealth; the indigenous breeds and local varieties of crops have an important role in the development of organic livestock and agriculture as they areadapted to the environment and are resistant to disease.

The indigenous breeds of Asturias are the Asturiana de los Valles (Asturian Valley bovine), Asturiana de la Montaña (Asturian Mountain bovine) , the Cabra Bermella (Bermellagoat), the Oveya Xalda (Xaldasheep), the Poni Asturcón (Asturcón pony), the Pita Pinta (Pinta chicken) and the Gochu Astucelta (Astuceltapig).The majority of these breeds are catalogued as indigenous breeds in danger of extinction; some of them are suffering, or have suffered, serious danger of extinction.

There are many local varieties of orchards, horticulture and other crops such as spelt or corn. Some of these varieties have practically disappeared from Asturian agriculture and they have been conserved thanks to seed banks. Some of these crops are being recovered for use by farmers.



The recent approval of organic aquaculturelegislation has enabled fish farms in Asturias to adopt this type of production, given that the water quality of rivers in Asturias is perfectly viable for the production of organic trout. Certification distinguishes this product fromproducts that have been produced by other more intensive systems that are harmful to the environment.


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